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Online Asynchronous***
Presented by Worner Leland, MS, BCBA, LBA


Harm reduction is “a set of compassionate and pragmatic approaches for reducing harm associated with high risk behaviors and improving quality of life,” (Marlatt, Larimer, & Witkiewitz, 2012). In this webinar we will discuss functions of drug use, especially in conjunction with sexual behavior. Myths and data about drug use and sexual behavior will be examined. Principles and strategies of harm reduction will be discussed through a functional contextual lens, and participants will examine their own biases and beliefs about drug use and sexual behavior. Relevant data will be presented where applicable.


Learning Objectives
By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:
1.  Identify core harm reduction principles

2. Select harm reduction strategies for drug use and for sexual behavior

3. Analyze different potential functions of chemsex and other altered sex

4. Apply harm reduction principles when given a chemsex or altered sex scenario

5. Locate web based and local harm reduction resources


About The Presenter:

Worner (they/them/theirs) is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and the current Research and Dissemination Liaison of the Sexual Behavior: Research and Practice SIG of ABAI. Worner specializes in transgender health, harm reduction based sex education for adults with disabilities, atypical sexual behaviors and kink-related behaviors, and atypical relationship styles. Worner has also served as a harm reduction consultant and trainer for the past year, and is a past presenter of the Harm Reduction in the House conference.


This workshop meets the core requirements for AASECT's Core Knowledge Area (CKA) L "Substance Use/Abuse and Sexuality" and is worth 3 AASECT CEs and 3 BACB Learning CEs.


***This webinar will be available for viewing and CE credit asynchronously after the event

Sex Drugs and Harm Reduction


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