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Building competency in affirming sex education includes competency in identity formation. In this interview with Judy May, we discuss non-binary identities, choosing yourself, and living a life that aligns with your values.


Learning Objectives
By the end of this webinar participants will be able to:
1.Identify core ethical guidelines within behavior analysis that are applicable to serving nonbinary clients.
2.Select the definitions of Key Terms which meet ethical guideline 1.05(c). 3.Select how nonbinary-affirming sex education can meet the seven dimensions of ABA using the PLISSIT model.
4.Select multiple resources based in scientific knowledge and meeting ethical guideline 1.01 for building LGBTQIA-affirmation.

1 BACB Learning CE
And meets the requirements of AASECT Core Knowledge Area D

This is an asynchornous webinar. After purchase, a classroom link will be sent, and you will be able to view the webinar at your leisure. CEs will be available the Friday after your completion of all webinar components.

COMING SOON! Queering Identity: Nonbinary Affirmation

  • 1 BACB Learning CE